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A meal, A waiting, A warm home



In this world, there is a warm little thing, called to accompany you to eat.





A wandering outside hard-working people
Used to living alone, eating alone, strolling alone ...
Work hard in strange cities, always feel the world is their own, really calm down and found that they actually have nothing, even a can eat with their own people do not have.
When you experience true love and company, you do not feel like being alone
Someone around you worry about how well-being is the happy thing, just like home always someone hot in the pot.





The lights in the house jumped warmly,
The food on the table braved the scent of hot air
Wind and snow whistling outside were denied in another world ...
Often think of a family meal scene, feel exceptionally warm heart.




Really romantic
It is a waste of time to eat slowly
Waste time and drink tea slowly
Wasting time walking slowly
Wasting time getting older
Find a willing to accompany you to eat, he traveled thousands of miles,
Across the mountains and high water came to your side, you set a table meal,
Open the door and say: "Let's have dinner."
May you and each other accompany him and take the trouble to eat a lifetime of rice.


For the ordinary life of us
Forever beautiful things worth pursuing
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